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What Is DNA Lite?

DNA Lite is our gateway into your genetic health. It’s an affordable test kit that gives you access to your core DNA health results. Understand how your body works like never before with a DNA health profile that covers all the areas crucial to your genetic health.

Have you ever wondered if you really need those vitamins you’re buying? Or are you lacking in energy and you’re not sure why? The answer could be in your genetic makeup.

What's In A DNA Test?

Everybody’s genetic makeup and DNA material is different which is why you need a health plan that’s as unique as you are.

With the Muhdo DNA profile you’ll have instant access to your Genetic Action Plan highlighting the most crucial areas to help you improve your genetic health.

Want to take a deep dive into your DNA and specific genes affecting your health? Why not read through your results and recommendations one by one? We’ve set them out into core health areas so you find which one you’re looking for whenever you need it.

The DNA Reports

Health is wealth and your Muhdo DNA profile has is rich with information about your specific genetic makeup that could hold the key to your long-term sustainable health goals. Each individual report shows you which gene we look at, how your variant of that gene affects your health and expert recommendations to use this knowledge to your benefit.

Accordion Content

Caffeine Sensitivity

Genetic Bone Mineral Density

Genetic Obesity Risk

Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Genetic Infection Risk (Colds/Flu)

Accordion Content

Carbohydrate response

Saturated Fats Response

Unstaurated Fats Benefit

Protein Response

Sugar Response

Overeating Sweet Foods

Snacking Risk

Metabolic Rate

Fat Distribution

Yoyo Diet Response

Lactose Intolerance Risk

Accordion Content

Muscle Power

Muscle Stamina

O2 Usage

Anaerobic Threshold

Recovery rate

Muscle mass

Injury Risk

Inflammation Response

Lean Body Mass

Power-To-Weight Ratio

Exercise Effect On Weight

Accordion Content

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin A Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency

Potassium Deficiency

Sodium Deficiency

Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Folate Deficiency

Selenium Deficiency

Omega-3 Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency

Accordion Content

BCAAs Benefit

Choline Benefit

Glutamine Benefit

Creatine Benefit

Beta-Alanine Benefit

Arginine Benefit

Nutrition is vital for a healthy body

Meal Guide

Tell us your preferences and we’ll put together a meal guide that suits your tastes and dietary requirements. Build your weekly planner or just use the 100’s of recipes for inspiration. 

Nutrition is vital for a healthy body! Understand what yours needs with our DNA Lite Profile then use the meal guide to plan how to get your specific optimal vitamins and minerals.

Is There More?

Yes! With our Muhdo Lite product we give you the tools you’ll need to break through to your genetic health. But there is more to be learned from your DNA that we can pass on to you.

That’s why we give you the option to upgrade your profile to include everything we have to offer! There’s absolutely no requirement to include these bolt-ons to your kit, but you might find them useful to really get to know your health.

Let’s learn some more about what optional extras are open to you…
On-Call Doctor

Have you ever needed a doctor in the middle of the night or while you're abroad?

Would you like to see a GP but not wait in line for an appointment to become available?
  • Consult a GP via Message, Call, or Video Chat
  • Private Prescriptions & Open referrals
  • Unlimited, 24/7 contact with experienced GPs
  • Dedicated support from experienced clinical pharmacists
  • Access wherever you are in the world
Health Insights

Your DNA saliva sample can tell us so much more than the core health areas. Our bioinformatics team can find out areas of your genetic makeup that can truly set you on your way to being the healthiest version of you possible.
  • Biological Age
  • Memory Age
  • Hearing Age
  • Eye Age
  • Inflammation

OR...Upgrade to
DNA Health
for everything in DNA Lite plus more.

Enjoy extra features such as:

60+ Health Insights
Additional DNA reports covering areas such as: Immunity, Gut Health, Anti-Ageing and many more

Workout Planner
Planner is matched to your DNA and adapts to your health objectives

My Training Area
tools they need to stay injury free when following a training plan.

Level up

You can purchase add-ons after adding DNA Lite to your cart.

Beyond DNA

Your DNA is static, meaning it doesn’t change over time. That doesn’t mean that your genes aren’t influenced by your lifestyle and environment. We can monitor and report on these changes through epigenetic science.

In fact, Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer epigenetic tracking. We’re very proud of the advances we’ve made in this area and we trult believe it to be the future of preventive health care.

With the epigenetic tracking add-on you’ll not only be at the forefront of health science, but you can monitor and improve areas such as your

Biological Age​

Your Biological Age is your true age and with DNA transform you now have the ability to reverse the ageing process. The science of epigenetics allows us to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Eye Age

The cells in your eyes can age at a different rate to other cells in your body. Our Bioinformatics team is able to calculate the health of your eyes and let you know how well they're ageing.

Hearing Age

Your hearing health is important and poor hearing health doesn't just affect the elderly. Epigenetics allows our nutrigenetics team to provide you with the guidance to keep your hearing as healthy as possible

Memory Age

Your memory and cognitive function is vitally important from birth to old age. Understanding how healthy your memory really is and putting into place actions to make it as healthy as possible is just as crucial. DNA Transform and epigenetics holds the key


Inflammation can be positive and negative. Inflammation over long periods of time is chronic and can lead to serious illness. DNA Transform allows you the knowledge to find out your inflammation with expert advice to keep it at its healthiest level.


Your entry into the world of DNA discovery. Uncover the truth about your body.

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