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DNA Health

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One-off DNA Profile

DNA Transform

BI-Annual Biological
Age & Epigenetic

Bi-Annual Epigenetics

Get to know important areas of your health affected by your genetic makeup. Such as your genetic risk of infections (colds and flu). See all reports to find out more.

Your DNA profile looks at many different areas in relation to your diet. From how your body responds to carbohydrates to your risk of being lactose intolerant, with many more in between.

Understanding how your body performs the best can make the difference in your exercise or training plan. Discovering your anaerobic threshold ability and injury risk can help you reach your potential quicker.

Supplements are a great way to add extra nutrients to your health plan. Your DNA report will highlight how your body responds to certain supplements, such as BCAAs and creatine.

Your DNA reports contain all your genetic health information, so to simplify it we have developed a DNA Action Plan bespoke to you. The Action Plan helps you to put into place the health interventions your body needs as quickly as possible! 

With 100s of recipes in our meal guide you’ll never lack inspiration for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dynamic to your preferences and requirements, the guide helps you plan your whole week.

Additional DNA reports covering areas such as:


Gut Health


Eye Health

Heart Health

Mental Health

Injury Risk

Muscle Health

Skin Health

Sleep Stress

Addiction (Coming Soon!)

The Workout Planner is matched to your DNA and adapts to your health objectives. The Planner has been developed by master PTs to help you reach your goals quickly and safely. Whether you want to loose weight, build muscle, improve your fitness or maintain your health and wellbeing Muhdo will get you there!

My Training is an area that has been developed by popular demand to give Muhdo’s customers the tools they need to stay injury free when following a training plan. 

Muhdo have an extensive video library covering warm up and cool downs, injury prevention guides and a wellness section coming very soon!

Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.
Your eyes are extremely complex and require a variety of nutrients to keep them healthy. Use Muhdo’s epigenetic test to find and track how healthy your eyes are.

Memory is essential as it allows us to learn, develop language, personality and relationships. Discover how your memory compares to your chronological age and track improvements with epigenetic testing.

Certain genetic components can accelerate hearing loss, find out how healthy your hearing actually is and track improvements over time.

Inflammation is required by the body for recovery, but it can also lead to illness and disease. Understanding your inflammation score can help you put into place preventive interventions to reduce harmful inflammation which causes ill health.

Your DNA Health Reports

Your saliva sample is analysed by Muhdo’s custom technology, which looks at 1,000 genetic areas and provides over 300 DNA outcomes – more than any other DNA health profile. Muhdo report on 5 core health areas with an additional 12 key Health Insights.

Please click the boxes below to discover more information


Caffeine Sensitivity
Genetic Bone Mineral Density
Genetic Obesity Risk
Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Genetic Hypertension Risk
Genetic Infection Risk (Cold/Flu)


Saturated Fats
Unsaturated Fats
Sugar Response
Sweet Taste
Bitter Taste
Likelihood to Snack
Metabolic Rate
Fat Distribution
Yoyo Diet Response
Lactose Intolerance Risk


Muscle Power
Muscle Stamina
O2 Usage / VO2 Max
Anaerobic Threshold
Muscle Mass
Lean Body Mass
Power to Weight
Exercise Effect on Weight


Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

Supplement Response

BCAAs Benefit
Choline Benefit
Glutamine Benefit
Creatine Benefit
Beta-Alanine Benefit
Arginine Benefit

PLUS 12 Key Health Insights

What Else Comes With DNA Health?

DNA Core Reports

You’ll receive your core DNA reports that look deep into a selection of crucial health areas, such as:







In addition, Muhdo offers ongoing support to help you interpret your results.

Muhdo’s science team is constantly researching and they’re finding new areas to study constantly. That’s why Muhdo have a growing list of health insights that they believe can truly shed light on your health and wellbeing. Muhdo provide over 53 reports over areas such as:






More to come!

Health Insights

DNA Matched Workout Planner

After answering a few simple questions Muhdo’s bespoke algorithms will create a workout plan that is aligned to your DNA. Muhdo believe that personalisation is the key to sustainable health gains which is why the workout planner is unique to you. You can’t get much more personalised than based on your DNA!

Your workout schedule is with you all the time in the Muhdo mobile app. You can even choose which health objective you want to achieve and the dynamic platform will adapt if you change your mind.

With 100s of recipes and methods it’ll be difficult to run out of inspiration to keep your nutrition where your body needs. Tell the app your dietary choices and preferences and it’ll generate a meal guide for you. 

Choose your favourites or just dive into the guide whenever you need a recipe to impress. 

Meal Guide

A World's First!

Muhdo is at the forefront of direct to consumer epigenetic science. Epigenetics allows you to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment affect your genes.

Using progressive Epigenetic science Muhdo’s advanced bioinformatics can calculate your exact age, and their experts can recommend ways to improve your health based on your results. Would you like to reverse the ageing process with an epigenetics test?

What Epigenetic Reports Are There?

Biological age graph

Biological Age

Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.

Memory Age

There are ever increasing links between ageing and memory loss or more serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Taking steps to improve your memory will play an important part in our lives as we grow older.
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Hearing age graph

Hearing Age

The difference between your genetic hearing age and chronological hearing age is calculated by taking the average methylation status of the genes associated with affecting your hearing for people within your age range.

Eye Age

Fundamentally, there are two main areas that we need to improve to try and reduce eye degeneration, which are inflammation and oxidisation. With both playing a crucial part in sustaining your eye health.

Inflammation graph


Inflammation can be somewhat of a double edged sword; in one instance it is required by the body to help promote tissue repair and recovery as well as fighting off nasty bugs and viruses.

Meet Muhdo's Experts

Muhdo’s experts are leaders in their fields. They are the brains behind the science, and they are constantly researching new and exciting areas to share with you.

Dr. Tanya Petrossian, PhD

Epigenetics Clinical Lead

Christopher Collins, MSST, CISSN

Head of Physiology

James Brown, BSc

Co-Founder and Nutrigenomics Director

Aire Allikas, MSc

Molecular Geneticist and Scientific Advisor

Prof. Andres Valkna, PhD

Geneticist and Scientific

Muhdo's Lab

Muhdo understand that you have given them the responsibility of analysing your DNA, and they take that responsibility very seriously. Your saliva sample is in safe hands as soon as you send it back to Muhdo. The process of analysis and storage is undertaken by global leaders in bioanalytic technology who undergo strict quality assurance protocols.

Health Plans That Change With You

Whatever health goal you choose, your Muhdo DNA profile results will dynamically adjust. You can seamlessly switch between the 4 available health goals whenever your objectives change.

Access to 300+ DNA reports with expert recommendations, nutrition plans and workout schedules. All in a mobile app and aligned to your DNA.

Health Goals

Health & Wellbeing

Improve your quality of life by increasing your energy, focus and health without ever setting foot in a gym!

Weight Loss

Use your genetic profile to introduce healthy lifestyle habits, so you can reduce, manage and maintain your weight.

Fitness & Endurance

Build and sustain fitness, endurance, speed and overall performance with hyper-personalised DNA reports and plans.

Build Muscle

Build muscle mass, increase your strength and get leaner. Unlock your genetic potential to truly personalise your nutrition and workouts.

How Does It Work?

Muhdo do not collect any blood from you, so there are no needles involved.

All that is needed from you is a small saliva sample that you send back to Muhdo in a pre-paid envelope.

Choose the kit that’s right for you and follow these simple steps to begin your health journey.


Download the Muhdo app & follow the onscreen instructions

Provide A Sample

Use the instructions in the kit to provide your saliva sample

Post Your Sample

Post your sample back to Muhdo in the pre-paid envelope provided

All Done

You’ll receive your results in 2-3 weeks. Muhdo will keep you updated!

Security By Design

Your data is anonymised, encrypted and stored on Muhdo’s secure servers. They use unique ID numbers and encryption to ensure your data can never be stolen.

Muhdo’s mobile apps are supported by a web based enterprise application to administer customer accounts. All of this data is 256-Bit encrypted at rest and end-to-end in the Muhdo platform. All external integrations with Muhdo’s lab partners for distribution and raw data processing/transfer are encrypted with the relevant API tokens.


Muhdo’s DNA profile looks at 1,000 genetic areas (SNPs) and provides over 300 reports based on your genetic makeup. The most conclusive DNA profile available today and more than any other DNA profiling offer. Their product is driven by global leaders in the fields of genetics, nutrition and physiology. This expert input is shown through your DNA results and in the Muhdo mobile app. Your mobile app includes FREE a DNA aligned workout planner and specific nutrition guide with meal planners. Muhdo is also the first company in the world to bring Epigenetic tracking to the consumer, making it possible for everyone to track their internal health at a genetic level. With epigenetic tracking you will learn your biological age and how to improve it – keeping you young on the inside.

2-3 weeks from Muhdo receiving your sample. Muhdo has the most advanced and comprehensive analysis of any genetics health and fitness company worldwide, so it takes a while. They are working hard to get their turnaround time down so check when ordering. Epigenetics tests take a little longer due to the complex science involved.

Epigenetics controls how your genes behave. You are born with your genetic makeup, but you can affect your epigenetics through your lifestyle.

Muhdo’s DNA profiling looks at a particular subset of 1,000 genetic areas specific to human health that affect our fitness characteristics, injury risks, micro and macro nutrient metabolism, mental health, sleep patterns and much more. From this analysis of your saliva sample Muhdo can provide over 300 genetic health reports. Your genetic makeup does not change over time.

Epigenetics essentially controls the behaviour of your genes. Your genetic makeup is your blueprint at birth, your epigenetics can be changed through your lifestyle. Epigenetic tracking allows you to have never before insights into your Biological Age, as well as your Hearing, Eye, Memory and Inflammation Health.Muhdo will also give you expert insights in how to improve these results so when you provide more samples you can actively see improvements over time!

We all know that eating a balanced diet is important for our health.  Still, each year, millions of people use weight loss products, slimming aids, plans and diets that just can’t be maintained. Understanding your genetics is the key to having a safe, sustainable diet that is tailored for your individual needs and how you respond to certain food groups.  Your unique genetic code can give you answers to important dietary and nutritional questions, such as:


Are you extra sensitive to weight gain with simple carbohydrate intake?

Should your fat intake be lowered, or even increased?

How well do you use protein?

Will unsaturated fats actually decrease your fat mass, even if your calories increase?

We actually have two ages: Chronological age and biological age.

Your chronological age is the exact number of years that you have been alive. Whereas your biological age is the true reflection of how your cells are ageing. Your biological age and internal health can be affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

Muhdo’s bioinformatics and science teams have identified the genes – as well as the specific biomarkers which sit upon them – that correlate to cellular ageing.

Epigenetics is currently used for scientific discovery and to support elite athletes. Muhdo is the first company in the world to offer an epigenetics profiling programme direct to consumers for monitoring epigenetics on a regular basis.

Epigenetics is the process by which the DNA methyltransferase (MTase) family of enzymes catalyze the transfer of a methyl group to DNA. When the methyl groups are added to the DNA molecule, it can change the activity of a DNA segment (like a mutation) without changing the sequence inherited from parents. Although your DNA does not change, MTase disrupts the activity of a DNA segment so it behaves in a different way, either amplifying positive change or mitigating negative potential.

In the event that your sample is lost in transit, Muhdo is happy to send you a replacement kit free of charge. Should you suspect, that your sample was never received by Muhdo, please get in touch with them as soon as possible. This might be the case, if you have not heard anything from Muhdo within 2 weeks after sending your sample back to them. In case of more than 2 lost samples, Muhdo might ask you for an alternative address to send the replacement kit to.

All Muhdo’s customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First  their customers are anonymous in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock their data, and have it displayed on their private health dashboard. Secondly all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So, if anyone were to capture Muhdo’s data it would be both anonymous and encrypted. Thirdly, they store customer genetic data on their secure AWS servers. Finally, Muhdo are compliant with the highly stringent European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

DNA Health Reports

Caffeine Sensitivity

Genetic Bone Mineral Density

Genetic Obesity Risk

Genetic Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Genetic Infection Risk (Colds / Flu)

Muscle Power

Muscle Stamina

O2 Usage

Anaerobic Threshold

Recovery Rate

Muscle Mass

Injury Risk

Inflammation Response

Lean Body Mass

Power-To-Weight Ratio

Exercise Effect on Weight

BCAAs Benefit

Choline Benefit

Glutamine Benefit

Creatine Benefit

Beta-Alanine Benefit

Arginine Benefit

Carbohydrate Response

Saturated Fats Response

Unsaturated Fats benefit

Protein Response

Sugar Response

Overeating Sweet Foods

Bitter Taste

Snacking Risk

Metabolic Rate

Fat Distribution

Yoyo Diet Response

Lactase Persistence

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin A Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency

Potassium Deficiency

Sodium Deficiency

Vitamin B6 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Folate Deficiency

Selenium Deficiency

Omega-3 Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency

DNA Health Insights

Immune Function

Vitamin D and Immunity

B Vitamins and Immunity

Selenium and Immunity

PTPN22 and Immunity

Keeping Physically Fit

Keeping Cognition

Testosterone and Ageing

Maintaining Strong Bones

Back Pain and Ageing

Stress and Ageing

Irregular Heart Rate

Genetic High Blood Pressure

Salt Causing High Blood Pressure

Cholesterol LDL/HDL Imbalance

Cardiovascular Health issues



Caffeine and Focus

Dealing with Memory Tasks

Night Productivity

Warrior Vs Worrier

Sun Sensitivity

Skin Ageing

Beta Carotene Conversion

Gluten and Skin

Likelihood of Freckles

Collagen Breakdown

Skin Glycation

Skin Ancestry


Dermal Sensitivity

Coming Soon!

Gluten Intolerance

Gut Irritability

Gum (Oral) Health

Stress and Gut Health

Caffeine and Gut Health

Sight Degeneration


Open-Angle Glaucoma

Beta-Carotene Conversion

B Vitamins and Eye Health

Lower Back Pain

Bone and Joint Strength

Achilles Tendinopathy

Knee Injury

Type of Injury Rehab

Myostatin Related Performance


Exercise Induced Muscle Pain

Stress Related Muscle Pain

Coq10 Deficiency

Night Owl

Sleep Duration

Fragmented Sleep


Stress Affects Sleep

Caffeine Affects Sleep

Stress and Pressure

Stress and Memory

Dealing with Stress

Stress Leading to Physical Symptoms

Stress and The Heart

Caffeine and Stress

DNA Transform

Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.

Your eye cells can age at a different rate to other cells in your body. Epigenetics gives us the tools to calculate how your eyes are ageing and how to keep them as healthy as they can be.

There are ever increasing links between ageing and memory loss or more serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Taking steps to improve your memory will play an important part in our lives as we grow older.

Hearing loss and ageing of the ear is unfortunately a natural process, which can also be accelerated by a variety of environmental factors from prescription drugs to over exposure to noise, as well as having a certain genetic component.

Inflammation can be somewhat of a double edged sword; in one instance it is required by the body to help promote tissue repair and recovery as well as fighting off nasty bugs and viruses.