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Health & Wellbeing

As half the world’s population is deficient in Magnesium, is it any wonder that many of the negative health connotations associated with deficiency are so prevalent.
These include muscle fatigue and weakness, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, hormonal regulation and sleep issues.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, then magnesium is extremely important as it helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, which are obviously major contributors to gaining weight.

Muscle Building

Looking to add some muscle, then having sufficient magnesium levels is going to be crucial as approximately 30-35% is stored in skeletal muscle, and is used to help regulate muscle contractions, it is also required for protein synthesis and to rebuild tissue.

Fitness and Endurance

Magnesium and calcium have a Yin/Yang type of relationship, with regards to muscle contractions and being turned ON or OFF that will dramatically affect your training or exercise.

Top 5 Magnesium foods

  1. Pumpkin Seeds 1 cup 190.92mg
  2. Spinach ( a good source of choline )  1 cup 156.60mg
  3. Swiss Chard 1 cup 150.50mg
  4. Soybeans 1 cup 147.92mg
  5. Sesame Seeds 1 cup 126.36mg



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