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Click the button to sign up to Awin as a publisher with your Instagram account. Fill in the forms and go through the steps in the process.


Account Setup: Include all your information with your name as your company name if you do not have a company.

Promotional Type: As you are a social media influencer you will need to select “Content” and tick “Bloggers & Social Content”.

Promotional Space: Insert your Instagram URL in to the first field. Write a brief description of your page and select the sector you feel you best fit in to.

Verification: Complete all your details and choose “Online Payment” to process your application. This is a small deposit and will be repaid with your first commission.


Registration successful!

You’ll need to place the hashtag #Awin in your Instagram Bio for Awin to recognise you. Don’t worry, you can remove it as soon as your account is activated.


You will receive an email from to activate your account. It takes 2 working days for your account to be approved from here.


Once you’ve been approved you will then be able to log in to your account via this link:


Join Muhdo!

When you’ve logged in all you need to do is join the Muhdo programme by following the button link.


Make sure you choose your Instagram page under “Promotion” then click “join”.


We’ll then accept you on to the programme as soon as possible.


Getting started!

You’ll receive an email from Awin welcoming you to the programme. Shortly after we will send you an email that will include your:

  • Exclusive 20% discount code
  • Your specific link to the online shop. All your referred sales need to go through this link so we can pay you your commission.

If you need anything else from us. Just get in contact!


Why Awin?

Awin is the global leader in affiliate networking for a good reason. Partnering with Awin allows us and you the confidence that all transactions are secure and timely.


Also, when you join Awin you will have access to thousands of other affiliate opportunities at your fingertips!

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