A quick DNA lesson

It’s in us all. It’s the building blocks of life.
But do you really know much more about it?

What is DNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA; frustratingly hard to pronounce, beautiful in its elegance and until recently almost impenetrable in its complexity.

The DNA molecule is composed of two chains that coil around each other to form a double helix carrying the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of all known organisms.

What are SNPs (snips)?

Humans have approximately 24,000 genes, within these genes we have single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) easily pronounced as snips, and these snips are the most common type of variance found within people.

There are roughly 5 million snips in a human genome, with the majority of these being similar between people. However, variances in some snips give us our unique features.

What does Muhdo look at?

Muhdo concentrates on a particular subset of 1,000 snips that affect our fitness characteristics, injury risks, micro and macro nutrient metabolism, mental health, sleep patterns and much more. In fact, Muhdo creates 300+ reports from the 1,000 snips analysed – more than any other DNA profile available.

Approximately 2000 genes encode for our unique identity and body make-up. Some define our external characteristics such as height, the colour of our eyes, and the shape of our nose. Whilst others (approximately 1000) define our internal body make-up such as:

How we metabolise foods

Convert Micronutrients

muscle strength


athletic gifts

injury risk

Unlock your Gene Genius – Myths about DNA

Popular DNA testing has focused on the past, examining heritage and ancestry. People like to know whether they are descended from Vikings or whether they are one of the 0.5% of the total world population descended from Genghis Khan. You can’t change the past – but you can change your future. Taking control of your life will make you more of a warrior than having a Viking lineage.

The most commonly known genetic mutations are cancers. However, there are genetic mutations that could potentially be beneficial. For example, research has shown that people with a particular mutation in SLC30A8 gene are 65% less likely to get diabetes, even when they have risk factors like obesity.

Not so. Research shows that mother rats who spend a lot of time licking their pups produce calm adults. Those who don’t get this attention, grow up anxious. She is writing information onto her pups’ DNA in a way that completely bypasses their genetic inheritance and programmes it for success. We can do the same through our behaviours. And we don’t even have to lick rats.

You actually benefit more when your grandparents starve. The rural Swedish district of Överkalix has been subject to highly variable harvests over the past century. Surprisingly, life expectancy was significantly raised in men whose grandfathers had endured a failed crop season just before puberty: they had acquired something due to starvation, and passed it on.

Something called the epigenetic clock may actually be able to buy us more time. It can predict biological age based on DNA analysis. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, your biological age will always be higher than your chronological age. Effectively, the clock ticks faster. DNA analysis can identify the key biomarkers that you need to look out for. It pays to keep an eye on the clock.

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