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Everybody’s different and everybody has their own goals to achieve.

Muhdo People

Disover the ways in which our customers have implemented their Muhdo recommendations from weight gain to weight loss.

Why do a DNA profile?

“…I did find out I was vitamin D and calcium deficient which was huge for me…”


“…tailoring my workouts & nutrition to my genes I’ve shaved 10 minutes off my time.”

Weight Gain

“…it’s really, really helpful for me. I’ve gained half a stone in the last month.”


“…I adapted my diet and got some supplements so that my baby’s got the best start in life.”


“…I’ve got three young children and it’s really helped me improve my health and make me less ill.”

Weight Loss

“…I found I could be deficient in Omega 3, and following a vegan diet it concerned me.”

Vegan Diet

“…I found I could be deficient in Omega 3, and following a vegan diet it concerned me.”


“…endurance and performance levels have increased all by following areas on the dashboard”

Next stage

“…I’m going to learn a lot more about my body, and with the scientific side behind me, it’s going to take me to the next stage.”


“…to have the support and detailed content available to me was a massive, massive help.”


“…why would I not want to know what helps me the best, what gives me my best performance.”


“…I was quite sensitive to caffeine so I decided to cut back a little in the mornings and during races.”


“…I hadn’t thought about my selenium and choline levels. Supplementing and supporting them as helped with my thyroid health”

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