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This is where you access all of the different options, results and hyper-personalised plans available to you.


Scroll down to discover the Muhdo app and see for yourself the wealth of information you can benefit from.

DNA Results

This is where you can see the overview of all your DNA results. You’ll be able to navigate through your results summary and the main health areas. Sort your results by high risk, low risk and alphabetical – whichever suits you.

Your DNA Information

Click on any DNA report overview and you’ll gain access to detailed information about each of those aspects. Understand which genes are of interest for that aspect and discover your personalised recommendation.

Know exactly what your body needs from experts looking at your genetic makeup.

Health Insights

From Immunity to Anti-Ageing and Mental Health to Gut Health – this is where you’ll see all your exclusive Health Insights. 

In the same form your DNA results are in you’ll find a deeper dive into your genetic makeup. Again, with professional advice on how to improve your health and wellbeing.  

Genetic Action Plan

After answering a short questionnaire we’ll put together a Genetic Action Plan just for you! 

Understand your most pressing health risks and deficiencies split out across Health, Diet, Physical and Vitamins.   


Your lifestyle and environment play an important role on how your genes behave – this is the science of epigenetics.

Get to know your Biological Age, Eye Age, Hearing Age, Memory Age and Inflammation and track it over time with periodic saliva samples. 

Navigate through the main circle and the overview underneath to access your results.

Questionnaire & Profile

Swipe from the left and you’ll see where you can update the questionnaire and your profile, you’ll also see your Kit ID if you ever need to contact us for anything.

Meal Guide

In need of some inspiring recipes? Just go through a short questionnaire so we know your preferences and then choose your favourites from 100s of meals. Make a plan or let us do it for you.

You’ll not only be able to see the ingredients and methods to make the meals, you’ll also get to know your macro breakdown suitable to your specific health objective!  

My Training

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, get fit or just generally be healthy you can build a hyper-personalised training plan that fits your goal. You tell us a little about yourself, choose which objective suits you best and then follow the plan for sustainable gains. Each exercise has a video too, so you know exactly the form that works.

Warm up/cool down and injury prevention exercises are also covered. The app allows you access to a huge video library of exercises that’ll help you stay fit and healthy for longer!

DNA Health Profile


Take your health seriously with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic risks – all delivered to the Muhdo app.  Results are calculated for 115+ health areas included 18 different vitamins and minerals.  The app also includes a DNA Diet, Genetic Action Plan and a Training Area featuring 100’s of exercises and workouts to help improve your health.

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Epigenetics + DNA Test


Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it.  Find out the true age of your eye sight, memory and hearing.  Calculate your pro-inflammation, anti-inflammation and overall inflammation scores.  Track your genetic health. Includes a full DNA analysis.  Results in 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of sample.

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+ Compare Kits