Helix Portal

A web based solution for Practitioners, Clinics & Labs to access client results

Our web based Helix Portal is a tool that can be used by white label partners and Muhdo resellers, clinics and practitioners to view the genetic results of their clients/ patients – as well as see time stamped responses to our lifestyle questionnaires and activity tracking information such as step count, heart rate, sleep and exercise levels.

Muhdo Health resellers have the ability to set up one clinic with an unlimited number of practitioners/ clinicians.  A white label version of the Helix Portal enables unlimited clinics and practitioners/ clinicians to be set up.  Both options provide significant flexibility.  

The Helix Portal enables you to receive the genetic results of your patients/ clients and control whether these are subsequently released to your patients/ client using email or via the Muhdo app or your own white label app.

For corporate clients and wellbeing providers, the Helix Portal can also provide anonymised genetic health data, biological age information and the activity levels of your employees as well as engagement levels and usage of the Muhdo app or a white label app to support a Return on Investment. 

Please contact partnerships@muhdo.com to learn more.