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James Brown, Muhdo’s nutrigenetics director, celebrates his birthday today. And what better way to see the day in by writing up a post letting us all know just how young he is…

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So I’m 41 years young today!!
Well, that’s what my chronological age is anyway!

The majority of us will be completely unaware we actually have two ages: chronological age and biological age. Chronological age refers to the exact number of years you have been alive, while biological age is a true reflection of how they have been affected by your diet, exercise, lifestyle and environment.

Muhdo’s bioinformatics and science teams have identified the genes – as well as the specific biomarkers which sit upon them – that correlate to cellular ageing. This allows you to see a true representation of how your diet, lifestyle and environment has been affecting you at a cellular and genetic level, as well as the current status of your internal health.

We are also able to accurately identify and calculate your eye, hearing and memory ages – which is a World’s first!

Have you ever wondered what your internal age actually is?
Or how about your sight, hearing or memory ageing?
On Monday I will be explaining each area in more detail, so you can understand the science and health ramifications further.

My Biological age is 36

Eye age is 0.4 years older

Memory age is 9.4 years younger

Hearing age is 2.4 years younger

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