What is the APPG for Longevity?

The All Party Parliamentary Group (PPG) for Longevity began in March 2019 with an aim to address scientific, technological, and socio-economic surrounding the UK’s ageing demographic. Living younger, healthier lives is at the core of what the group is looking to achieve.


The APPG plans to turn the ageing concern into one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st centuries and secure Britain’s place as a global leader in longevity.


The National Strategy

The APPG, with select partners and experts, is aiming to create a National Strategy in order to meet the goal set by Government of five more years of years of healthy life expectancy by 2035 (HLE +5) while also closing the large social gap in healthy life expectancy.


Muhdo & The APPG

Muhdo is proud to sponsor and support The APPG for Longevity and their important work in helping to promote living younger, healthier lives.


Living the healthiest life possible is at the core of what Muhdo is striving for through readily available and affordable genetic health analysis.


DNA Health Profile


Take your health seriously with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic risks – all delivered to the Muhdo app.  Results are calculated for 115+ health areas included 18 different vitamins and minerals.  The app also includes a DNA Diet, Genetic Action Plan and a Training Area featuring 100’s of exercises and workouts to help improve your health.

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Epigenetics + DNA Test


Discover your true biological age and learn how to reverse it.  Find out the true age of your eye sight, memory and hearing.  Calculate your pro-inflammation, anti-inflammation and overall inflammation scores.  Track your genetic health. Includes a full DNA analysis.  Results in 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of sample.

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