Do you need an On-Call Doctor?

Have you ever been stuck in a doctor’s waiting room for long periods? Or even had to wait weeks for an NHS GP appointment? What happens if you need a doctor late at night or during the weekend?


We’re all fully aware of the importance of our health, especially in the times that we are living in. That’s why Muhdo has focused on providing our customers with an add on to their DNA results that really adds value! Your health is the most important thing – make sure you look after it the best way you can.


We aim to provide a truly holistic health solution which includes access to primary care solutions whenever and wherever it’s needed.

On-call doctor phone screen
Phone in a back pocket

With you all day, every day

You’ll be able to have unlimited contact 24/7 to experienced GPs , no matter where you are. With access to the UK’s most comprehensive medical database you can rest assured your information is correct.


Our GPs can issue private prescriptions for collection from a pharmacy or delivered to your home. They can also issue open referrals for onward care.


Confused about your medication? You’ll also be able to contact a team of experienced clinical pharmacists who are waiting to help you.


If you don’t speak English we can offer translation services in over 200 languages.

Consult a GP via Message, Call, or Video Chat

Private Prescriptions & Open referrals

Unlimited, 24/7 contact with experienced GPs, at home, work, whilst travelling or on holiday

Dedicated support from experienced clinical pharmacists to help with confusion over medication

Customise your kit

With Muhdo’s On-Call Doctor add on for only £19.99 a month